The Play to Earn Space battle royale game of the Metaverse

Your ship, your base, your marketplace

Explore planets

Discover new worlds every day with your spaceship and collect unique ressources on every planet to improve your spaceship.

Improve your ship

After collecting ressources on the planets your explored, you can use them to improve your spaceship or sell them to other players.

Battle & Earn

Face up with other players on epic battle royales where the winner earns rewards. The more you win, the higher you rank among other players

Reach the top of the rankings, become the Stellar King and earn huge rewards

4 ways to earn rewards: Sell your spaceship NFTs, Sell your resources to other players, participate in battle royales or become the Stellar King by winning the Coronation battle

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FEBRUARY 2022 - NFT PRIVATE MINT: The StellarKing NFTs are several collections of 2000 rare and unique spaceships that can be used in the game. We will first release a collection of 2000 NFTs. Only the ones whitelisted will have 48 hours to mint before anyone else to make sure they have their NFT.



FEBRUARY 2022 - NFT PUBLIC MINT: The StellarKing NFTs that were not minted on the private mint will be released publically so that anyone can have a chance to buy his own NFT. You have to be fast on this date because a lot of people will try to mint.

MARCH 2022 - TOKEN FIRST IDO: Only the StellarKing NFT owners will have access to the token pre-sale. It is the perfect moment to buy the token before anyone else and at a much lower price than during the token public sale. Your tokens will be vested if you buy during the IDO.



MARCH 2022 - 4 NFT COLLECTIONS & TOKEN IDOs: After the token's first IDO, we will release 4 more spaceship collections (2000 NFTs each) and new token IDO cycles will be made and accessible only to the NFT holders. Tokens will be at a lower price than at the public mint. We will limit the supply for these cycles, not everyone will be able to get tokens. Your tokens will be vested if you buy at the IDO.

JULY 2022 - TOKEN PUBLIC SALE: Anyone can buy the StellarKing token, the Stellarium. This token will be used to give rewards to the players in the game. It will also be used as a currency to trade resources with other players in the game.


Q4 2022 - GAME LAUNCH: We will use the money raised in the NFT sale to immediately start the game development. The game will take a few months to be developed, we can expect around 6 months. At the launch, anyone will be able to play the game, with or without NFT but the NFT gives boosted rewards and a unique style


The StellarKing NFT

The StellarKing NFTs are several collections of 2000 rare and unique spaceships that you can play with in the game. They also provide access to the token's IDOs. Here is the first spaceship collection

StellarKing Spaceship NFT

Resource Packs & VIP

stellarking resource pack 1 stellarking resource pack 2
stellarking resource pack 3 stellarking resource pack 4

Players can purchase resource packs that contain resources of the game!
Packs and resources are all NFTs that players can trade and sell

Players can also become VIPs and enjoy many perks like getting a free chest every week, 2 weeks or month!
VIP also gives access to more planets to explore in the game.
The more a player stays VIP, the more chances he gets to receive a rare resource pack!

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Join the community to get updates about what we do and maybe earn rewards through giveaways and participation

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